Working with Harbour is swift and straightforward

We create risk management solutions for the broadest range of commercial disputes
We do not have restrictive “rule of thumb” criteria
We do not require lawyers to work on conditional fee agreements
We can invest seed-money to shape an investment opportunity

Harbour backs meritorious claims without stipulating a minimum claim value. For claims valued below £20 million, a ratio of claim value to claim budgets of at least 10/1 provides a useful indicator of whether funding is likely to be economically viable option. We will review:


The ability of the defendant(s) to pay.

Will the defendant(s) have the assets required to satisfy a damages award and can these assets be located?

The merits of the case.

We only back cases we believe can be won.

The likely (and realistic) costs of the case.

We fund all necessary costs required to take the case all the way through to trial. Our budgets are prepared on this basis at the outset of the matter..

The legal team's experience in the relevant area of law.

We ensure that our funded claimants benefit from first class legal representation.
"Yes" to the above criteria means you should be talking to Harbour. Our investment team comprises experienced litigators who can review the case information swiftly and efficiently. They will set out the next steps to receiving funding and agree a time table. You have more questions? The FAQ section will provide additional answers.