Steps of Funding

Our simple steps


After a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) has been signed, one of our litigation funding directors will assess the case based on the available information. This may include legal opinions, reports on quantum reports and any draft case budgets. We can deal with this initial stage quickly.

Letter of intent

If the initial assessment indicates that our investment criteria are likely to be met, we issue a letter of intent which provides details of our proposed pricing terms. Such terms are based on the risk, size and length of the case. During an agreed period of exclusivity, we commit further resources to conduct due diligence, discuss the case in detail with the claimant and their legal team and prepare a written submission to our investment committee.

Investment committee

Our investment committee includes three leading QCs who consider the merits of the case in considerable detail. They meet on a fortnightly basis.

Investment agreement and case progress

Dedicated case managers (all of whom are experienced litigators) work with the claimant their legal team to execute an investment agreement. Once executed, Harbour will begin funding. The case manager will monitor the progress the claim until its conclusion.